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How Students Can Overcome Their Fear Of Failure


We all understand exam fear. After all, we all live in a society where achievements and performances matter more than anything. Parents have high expectations that their kid will glorify their names by doing excellent in exams.
But repeatedly, this fear stems from teachers also. Teachers’ performance is measured from the students’ grades. So, they only expect them to try to do great in exams, but never pay much attention to improving their brain and skills within the classroom. It’s because they find it overwhelming to accept the very fact that fear of failure stems from teachers also.
However, altogether, everyone forgets that each child is different. Everyone features a different psychology and a singular set of abilities. It eventually leads to test phobia – the fear of tests and exams.

Negative Effects on Students

According to our teachers at RC International School, Hesaraghatta this type of fear can affect any student at any level of the education system, from nursery students to college students. Here are the common things found among sufferers:
• They fail to understand their correct potential in school and life.
• Student’s concentration in education is annihilated.
• At an early stage, exam fear could pressurize people to take on irrelevant goals just to affirm their ego.
They forget their true interest in the classroom and don’t focus on their overall personal growth.
• The desire to pass the exam at any cost could make turn a student into a cheater rather than helping him
finding effective strategies for studying and learning.

Major Causes of Fear of Failure

According to the teachers of Best international schools in Thammenahalli, besides pressure from parents and society, other factors that trigger this type of failure are heavily based on an individual’s personal emotions and perceptions. In fear of height, the sufferer says s/he doesn’t like to exposed to heights because they’re afraid of falling. But since the causes of test anxiety are vague, this is not the case with the same.
Researchers say that failure is not that terrifies students suffering from this fear. In fact, they are afraid of the consequences of failure. They fear the labels that others may put on him or her, like underachiever, empty-headed, etc.

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Role of Students

See the true significance of education

– Students should understand that education is not the way to impress teachers, family, and friends. It’s a mean for self-development and settlement in future life.

Learn to Simply accept yourself

– Accept your strength and weaknesses. You have got talent and skills different from others. Never compare your performance in class.

Stay motivated

– success in life is all about motivation. Inspire an unmotivated student to work hard and achieve his/her goals. Seek adventure in education, so you’ll be open to failure as a part of your journey to higher learning.

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