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How to identify your child’s primary learning style

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An early appreciation of your child’s preferential learning style can assist you to encourage them to find out once you are working with them at home . It’s also important to remember of your style since it’d conflict thereupon of your child.
Have a glance at the four learning styles below and first attempt to identify your learning style. commit it to memory is feasible to suit into a mix of learning styles. Once you’ve got done this, assess your child’s style.
You can then evaluate how your child varies from you and the way you’ll then use your strengths, yours and theirs, during a complementary thanks to help them learn at home?

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Learning styles

Psychologists have categorized learning styles in many ways, but here are four as a start point.

1. Visual learner

• Needs and likes to see things, see them written down on paper
• Learns through seeing images – can remember the photographs on a page
• Enjoys art and drawing
• Reads maps, charts and diagrams with competently
• Shows interest in machines and inventions and the way things work
• Likes to play with Lego and other construction toys, and likes to finish jigsaw puzzles.
• Can sometimes be a daydreamer in classroom.

2. Kinaesthetic learner

• Processes knowledge through physical sensations
• Highly active, unable to take a sit in one place for long
• Communicates using visual communication and gestures
• Shows you instead of tells you
• Wants to the touch and feel the planet around them
• May be good at mimicking others
• Enjoys sports or other activities where they can keep moving.

4. Logical learner

• Thinks conceptually, likes to explore patterns and relationships
• Enjoys puzzles and seeing how things work
• Constantly questions and wonders
• Likes routine and consistency
• Capable of highly abstract sorts of reasoning at early age
• Does mental arithmetic easily
• Enjoys strategy games, computers and doing experiments. Likes an end goal to aim for
• Likes to create things with blocks/Lego
• Not so competent when it involves to the more ‘creative’ side.

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