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How to use technology in the classroom


Finding creative ways to use technology within the classroom can both make your life easier as an educator and boost student excitement levels and engagement with lessons. From helping with communication among teachers and students (as well as peer-to-peer) to organizing curriculum calendars, to enhancing presentations and lessons with media and visuals, there’s no limit to the ways to use technology within the classroom to make an enriched learning environment. If you’re trying to find ideas of exactly the way to use technology within the classroom to reinforce learning, some examples include:

• Gamified learning
• Digital field trips
• Integrate social media
• Gather student feedback
• Using a Classroom Calendar

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1. Gamified Learning

Not only were the games incredible, and incredibly engaging programs for teaching students typing skills, at RC International School, Hesaraghatta we made a computer fun and set the inspiration for all other computer knowledge. Learning can and will be fun and using technology for gamified learning in your classroom are often advantageous to achieving that goal. And while learning software is often an excellent teaching tool, gamified learning also can be as simple as creating a virtual scavenger hunt by arising with an inventory of questions for school kids to look and find the right answers for and adding students to pairs or groups to encourage collaboration and teamwork!

2. Digital Field Trips

An increasingly popular, useful, and cost-effective tool for teachers checking out new ways to use technology within the classroom is taking digital field trips. Google Streetview and other similar apps allow you to virtually explore parks, forests and even national and international landmarks from the comfort of your classroom. Virtually experience the view from the Statue of Liberty or hike through the Grand Canyon to urge students excited to find out a few locations or subjects and extend learning beyond the page!

3. Integrate Social Media

Because students already spend such a lot of their time on social media, integrating its use into your classroom is among the foremost innovative ways to use technology within the classroom by connecting students to curriculum, classroom resources, and each other. At our School in Hesaraghatta main road Create a Facebook group specifically for our class where we post discussion topics or develop unique classroom Twitter hashtags students can use to debate lessons or ask questions!

4. Gather Student Feedback

The true test of any classroom structure and/or curriculum is how well it helps students learn, and getting feedback from students is significant to assessing this, determining what’s and isn’t working, and addressing problems and confusion as they arise. At our CBSE schools near Hesaraghatta main road, we Use online surveys and polls to perform daily or weekly check-ins with students to urge their opinions on lessons and address lingering questions or concerns. Expand on the usage of Twitter hashtags by having students tweet their feedback and questions with a classroom hashtag.

5. Using a Classroom Calendar

At our CBSE Schools in Thammenahalli, we develop a shared online calendar for your classroom through Google Calendar or an identical program for posting important updates. Post assignment due dates and classroom events (such as field trips and guest speakers) in one easily-accessible location for both teachers and students. Go a step further and share the calendar with parents to stay them connected and engaged with their child’s learning.

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