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Tips to maintain a positive mindset in the classroom


Teaching is not simply just about getting students ready for the tests. As educators, teachers must know that their work goes far more beyond that. At RC International School, Hesaraghatta, our teachers have the power to maintain a positive mindset among the students to make them successful in life.
Maintaining a positive attitude will not only produce a healthy learning environment but will also help the students to flourish in every field. It also helps them to know situations, the classroom, and studies.

A diet of positivity

School is often misunderstood as only to keep a child engaged with studies but it has more other works to do. As a Best international schools in Thammenahalli, we also provide the students the opportunity to become responsible and most importantly positive. As the teachers do not deal with robots but with dramatic youngsters, who deserve nothing less than the best from a teacher.

Ways to maintain this positive mindset!

Keeping a positive mindset is a must in every classroom. But how can it be done? Here are tips for teachers!

Creating humour:

One of the main tools to keep your classroom positive is humour. Once you know to include fun inside the classroom the students will immediately change their boring faces to interest learners.

Make the learner feel safe:

At our CBSE schools near Hesaraghatta’s main road, our teacher always makes the student feel safe. There is a thin line in being firm and scary. The firm is acceptable but scariness will bring a gap. Hence, your positive attitude does matter!

Space to grow:

Do not tie them in doing fun things rather you can give them space to grow. They will feel free to speak, participate and get encouraged to be the best. Appreciate their efforts to make them feel that they matter.


In our Smart schools in Hesaraghatta’s main road one tool which is always included in maintaining a positive mindset is accessibility. You can pretend to do mistakes to bring the learner to your side. Laugh at yourself once and they will laugh along with you.

As a student’s confidence will grow even a positive attitude within the classroom also gets maintained and teaching becomes fun!

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